Up Next: Cara Hart

Words by Sophie Cherrett

“Skin” was Cara Hart’s introduction to the world. The dark undertones and theme of the record, reminiscent of Arca and shades of Bjork, were completely intentional. Cara did not want to introduce herself to the world as a soft, jolly, happy-go-lucky artist. 

“I wanted to put something out there that embodied that type of darkness as a first single because if you start off with something a little softer or not as deep, you may never challenge yourself to explore deeper and beyond that.”

Now with her latest single ‘Mirror’ – Cara Hart is back again with hard-hitting themes that will intrigue and grab any listener. Hart questions and criticises a pessimistic outlook on life throughout the sing, believing that whatever attitude we present to the world will be reflected back onto us…much like a mirror.

Experimentation and bringing something different to the music industry is definitely at the forefront of Cara Hart’s music and aesthetic. Her daring style, from her image down to the hard-hitting sounds on “Skin” showcase this clearly, and that was Cara’s just dipping her toe in with regards to introducing herself to the masses. Following that up with a track like ‘Mirror’ – it’s safe to say the sky is really the limit for Cara Hart. 

We could be witnessing an artist with a completely unique aesthetic and outlook, and especially for a new artist there is nothing that could be more exciting. 

Stream Mirror, which is out now here!


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