Up Next: Danny Lees

Words by Sophie Cherrett

When your single has over 3 million streams online and 100 million on TikTok, some may argue that Manchester’s Danny Lees has already arrived. But he’s not yet a household name when it comes to the UK dance scene, and that is where he is up next.

His latest single, ‘You Tell Me Lies’ – which actually dropped on Soundcloud over 3 years, has finally been released officially on steaming services for everyone to enjoy. After years of comments on TikTok, YouTube and Soundcloud begging for the song to officially be released, fans wishes have been answered.

The upbeat dance track is one that provides everything a dance track should; it’s upbeat and uplifting, gets your whole body moving without you even realising and most importantly; gets stuck in your head all day. I can see why fans were wishing for an official release for so long; this is a track that is bound to shutdown any club, rave or event made for dance lovers.

There is no telling with this kind of talent and ear for music how far Danny Lees, and after penning a new deal with Sony Music, exciting times clearly lie ahead for Danny and dance fans alike.


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