Up Next: DEJA

Words by Finlay Bell

Stream ‘Control’, the new single by Deja, out now on all major streaming platforms. 

From a soul inspired family from Solihull, we here have West London-based Deja, emerging with her groovy and powerful alternative take on women in control in today’s society with her single ‘Control’. The second single from her anticipated debut project ‘INTRO EP’ exerts strong femine energy and a powerful swagger that is essential for all women alike in today’s day and age. 

Being introduced with funky drums derivative of the early 2000’s RnB scene, ‘Control’ is followed by slapping basslines and elegant harmonies straight from the 70’s & 80’s soul and motown era, with Deja laying down smooth lyrics asserting female dominance.

When quizzed on the inspiration of the single, Deja notably said with conviction that ‘the world would be a better place if women took the lead’ and it’s hard to doubt her belief in that considering the confidence and assurance she displays on the track.

Having been surrounded by music from a young age, Deja took inspiration from a plethora of icons such as Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah and Usher, it is clear to see how these individuals have shaped the sound we hear today. All these factors culminate in tandem with ‘Control’ to display an exciting and fresh artist on the come up that will be worth looking out for in the future.


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