Up Next: Erika Tham

Words by Sophie Cherrett

Singer-songwriter and actress Erika Tham has burst on to the scene with her fiery new single “Shh”, produced by Deion Gill and coinciding with a just as fiery video directed by the amazing Patrick Wilcox. So when it comes to developing herself as a new R&B starlet, it’s safe to say she’s in the best hands. Coming from a blended mix of four nationalities—her father is Chinese-Malaysian and her mother is Dutch/Ukrainian-Canadian—Erika Tham is a powerhouse with the innate ability to reach a worldwide audience with her sultry and sophisticated pop vocals. 

The track itself has a sassy and unapologetic edge that is driven by the witty lyrics and seductive flow. The more you listen you start to pick on the references that pay homage to 90’s female pop stars such as Shania Twain’s 1997 megahit “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. The line ‘your daddy’s black card don’t impress me much’ is a clear reference to the iconic 90’s track that had all women then feeling unapologetic and audacious enough to speak their mind. I love that she brought that energy to the track for a new generation of women where that stance and self-confidence is just as needed today. 

Despite the old school nuances, Erika incorporates influences of her own with a modern twist including an Asian string instrumentation intertwined with R&B production. Whether you listen to the track with your friends getting ready to go out and have fun, or you’re alone in your bedroom, don’t be surprised if you all of sudden feel the need to put every mansplaining f**kboy firmly in their place. 

This may be a new found success for Erika Tham in the world of music, but she is very accustomed to being in the entertainment industry from her early start on Nickelodeon’s “Make it Pop” and Disney’s Kim Possible movie. As she matures and transitions into a music career, I think her creativity and identity is refined enough to start pulling in the masses.

I believe Erika Tham to definitely be an artist to watch when it comes to reviving the new generation of R&B/Pop Princesses.


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