Up Next: Fonzie

Words by Karan Teli

Hailing from West London, Fonzie has released his anticipated debut EP ‘NO!R’ – an acronym for Nothing Ordinary Is Remembered. Appropriately titled, as the 6 track EP is far from ordinary.

The generic structure, particularly of a debut project, we have all come to accept is ‘Intro-body of work-outro.’ But with Fonzie, he shuns these stereotypes and traditions and opts for 6 well thought out songs; all of which could be the EP’s lead single.

The EP gives new listeners no doubt to Fonzie’s up-tempo style of music, but throughout, there’s no predictability. From the EP’s opener ‘Crazy Place’ to ‘Hennessy Haze’ we’re treated to an truly eclectic body of work that, at just under 20 minutes long, is the perfect introduction to Fonzie as an artist and lays the perfect foundation for things to come. Hopefully, as fans, we’re not waiting too long.

Stream NO!R now – https://slinky.to/NOIR


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