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Words By Ori Santari

Khamari has been on everyone’s radar after his well received singles ‘Jealous’ and ‘The Heat’, he definitely caught my attention with his debut EP ‘Eldorado’. Building off the success of the project, the young star presents ’Doctor, My Eyes’. A sensitive, vulnerable and personal track, Khamari comes with the feels on this soul ripping ballad. 

Co-produced by Trackside, Johan Lenox and Khamari himself, the single is a hair raiser, over an acoustic guitar loop blended with some soft violin production, ‘Doctor, My Eyes’ forces you to look at yourself in the mirror and accept your insecurities. What really compels you is his voice; compared to the amazing Frank Ocean, he spills out his life story; the weight of feeling overwhelmed and losing self-awareness.

The lyrics are relatable to many, not only because of the events that have plagued the world over the past few years, but the normal struggles of those who have entered their adult life but feel lost and confused. But while it highlights we are not alone in feeling those emotions, the single provides a little wisdom; his granddad’s voice note at the end of the track reminds us not to put too much pressure on ourselves on this rollercoaster of a journey that we call life

Speaking on the song, Khamari shared, 

“‘Doctor, My Eyes’ is about looking for perspective. When I wrote it I had moved from Boston to LA and was trying to make sense of my life. A lot of things were shifting too fast to keep up with, but things I hoped would change stayed the same. I got put on to this Jackson Browne record, and the story resonated with me. That’s where I got the title. It’s about him being desperate to make any sense of his life and experiences. Then a friend played Incubus, the song ‘Mexico’ . I knew I wanted to lay out these thoughts over a guitar that was intimate. In the outro, my grandfather is the voice that gives me advice because he’s always been an anchor for me.”

Los Angeles based, Dorchester raised songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist artist shares the music video to accompany the deeply personal single. His next step is to continue the hunt for the intersection of timeless musicality and contemporary style, all without losing the honest accessibility which made him relatable from the start.


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