Up Next: Macca Wiles

Words by Finlay Bell

Macca Wiles paints a bruised, yet beautiful picture in his latest trap-rock banger…

The freshest face in the new wave of indie and trap rock is Essex-born-and-raised Macca Wiles. Now, based in London, he is far removed from the boisterous and inhibited environment that he grew up in. His growth into the confident, assured artist we see today is a testament to this, but it was a journey that was not devoid of trouble. 

In his latest single ‘Outlined’, this is evident. Wiles is clearly wearing his flaws on his sleeve in this track, be it past-addiction, fear of disappointing others or being fragile. The verses serve as an eerie, laidback precursor to the hard-hitting, melodic howls heard in the choruses, utilising different deliveries and production that display artistic versatility that should be beyond Wiles’ young years. 

After getting kicked out of school and being socially exiled by his age-mates, a daring jump over to the US at a young age would be the move that ultimately refined the sound we see today. Collaborating with artists such as Lil Yachty enabled him to explore his artistic talents and further realise his love for underground Rap music, which he is now presenting in all his grunge-inspired and emotion-filled glory. His story proves one thing – don’t doubt Macca Wiles – so be sure to keep your eye out for him in the future.


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