Up Next: Planet Giza

Words by Finlay Bell

The last few years has seen major talent come out of Canada, so it is no surprise that montreal-based trio Planet Giza are dropping bangers such as ‘When the Moving Stops’, their new single from their upcoming EP ‘Don’t Throw Rocks at the Moon’. The Montreal-based group, composed of Rami B, Tony Stone and Doomx, aren’t strangers to the scene despite the youthful and exciting energy they bring.


They first linked up in 2013, and their most notable EP ‘Zeyad City’ came in 2017, with a highly notable feature from multi-award winning producer KAYTRANADA. This relationship between the two has continued ever since, with KAYTRANADA being featured on the trio’s radio show ‘Mellow Mellow Radio’ at the backend of 2020. This kind of cosign more than indicates the artistic talent that Planet Giza possesses. This talent is on full display with their latest single ‘When the Moving Stops’. The synth-heavy, west coast-inspired beat is sure to get your body moving. “This song represents doing things differently and still shining through it all (hence the sun reference),” the 3 exclaimed. “When all odds are against you that’s when it’s time to excel.” This notion of perseverance, originality and nonchalance shine through with Tony Stone’s vocals. He effortlessly interchanges from laying down slick bars in the verses to the smooth melodies in the chorus, pairing with the beat to ensure a masterful new wave sound that makes it a modern day feel-good anthem for Hip Hop & RnB fans alike.

If ‘When the Moving Stops’ is anything to go by, you should be keeping an eye out for what Planet Giza offers from here on in. With their long and fruitful working relationship and ease of creating brilliant music together, the only way is up for this trio.


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