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Words By Ori Santari

Not wanting to be boxed down in the contemporary sound, Sudanese Native YAHYA breaks barriers as he continues to blend genres together with his latest heart broken themed single ‘Everything You Want’.

Taking a soft punk rock aesthetic with playful guitar licks and heavy-set drums, Yahya contrasts bold, gritty vocals as he expresses the frustration of growing apart from relationships yet having a bond too deep to simply throw away. 

A great example of Love being a paradox, it’s both simple and complicated. ‘Everything You Want’ is a concoction of Love, Anger and Insecurity. In the lyrics YAHYA fights over the fact she wants to leave him when he needs her companionship. Fighting and pleading as he slips into the indescribable despair breakups cause.The single is upbeat, emotional, catchy, energetic, and definitely a mosh pit anthem with its discomposed lyrics such as “I’m a human, I’m not perfect, just accept me with my flaws” right before the heavy rock drum set comes in. 

Growing up in the United States, Yahya naturally gravitated towards Hip-Hop but developing his sound using cuts from trap, R&B and rock, his 2020 hit project Is It Too Late To Miss You showcased a clear flair for diversity in his vocals and instrumentals. 

After a successful 2021 which saw him release his acclaimed experimental project ‘Days Pass’ amassing over 1.2 million streams on Spotify, YAHYA sets out to make 2022 his own with the biggest project of his career: his upcoming EP dropping on the 15th January. The distorted mind of the young Sudanese artist is certain to continue making waves and drawing critical attention across the new year.


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