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Words by Tamay Nehir

Due to drop her debut EP “Choose Life”, rapper and singer Zanillya teases us with her latest single release “Million Reasons”, where she candidly opens up about relatable experiences she’s had with love and heartache. It seems that since the release of “Sacrifices”, a deeply personal track formed through “reflection and inner strength”, Zanillya is on a mission to connect with her listeners on a deeper, more meaningful level. Vowing to make music that people can not only enjoy but relate to, Zanillya says she has hopes of making a positive and lasting impact on her fans.

We all know that there can be a million and more reasons to walk away from love, well… so does Zanillya. The song written while going through a “rough patch” with life and music partner Humphrey Dennis, Zanillya openly admits that “there are also a million reasons worth fighting for” it. Who else can relate to this? The talented singer, currently based in Aruba, continues to stick to her R&B and Hip-Hop influenced roots, the single almost offering a slow yet bouncy Aluna George-type vibe.

All-round creative Zanillya, who also directs and song-writes, has been recognised persistently by names like; BBC 1xtra, Hunger and Wonderland since her start as an emerging artist back in 2018. Three years on, by crafting “Million Reasons”, Zanillya fails to disappoint, setting a good scene for what’s next to come.

Listen to Zanillya’s “Million Reasons” here.


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